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Schools and Centers Development

The school and center development service involves the establishment of a quality Applied Behavior Analysis program, which serves individuals with and without disabilities, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  

Parents training

The parents training service aims to provide parents  of children with or without disabilities the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively promote skill development, manage behavior, and foster healthy relationships with their children in different environments. 

Teachers and shadow

The teacher and shadow teacher training service aims to train teachers of students with or without disabilities on how to implement the science of behavior in their teaching in schools and home settings. 

Professionals training

The professionals training service aims to train professionals of clients with developmental disabilities on how to implement the science of behavior in their teaching practices teaching in clinical and home settings. 

Approved Continuing Education Providers 

The Seeds of Knowledge trainings can be used as approved CE to maintain certifications from the BACB© (RBTs, BCaBAs, BCBAs, and BCBA-Ds) and QABA© (ABATs, QASP-Ss, and QBAs). In addition, the trainers at The Seeds of Knowledge are licensed trainers from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation in Saudi Arabia (TVTC©). 

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